What’s Monty Doing?

In Consumer Heaven!
Hanging Out In Some Grass!
Getting Festive!
Minding His Manners!
Bayou Swimming!
Tractor Diving!
Sitting In Traffic!
Sight Seeing! (NYC)
Doing Construction!
Tagging Shit!
Trying to Nap! God!
Making Friends!
Retrieving! (Tennessee)

59 thoughts on “What’s Monty Doing?

  1. I love the photos of Monty. He’s gorgeous. I particularly love the NY shot. I live in Sydney, Australia and I’ve never been to New York but I’d never thought of dogs living in New York or even going for a visit. You just have impressions of what a place is like which usually have no bearing on reality at all.


  2. Love your blog!! The pics made me laugh! I got my pitbull after I finished my treatment for breast cancer and it was the best thing I have ever done!! Now that I maybe having a to go through treatment again he is always there to cheer me up, and hes a great listoner no judgements lol! We just had a episode last night of him chewing up his bed and laying in the middle of the fluff, so cute, how can you get mad!!! thanks for the smiles!!


  3. Love your blog. I also have fibro and I also love dogs. Monty cheered me up on what has been a fibromyawful day. My parents are getting a rescue pup on saturday – a black/white lurcher-collie – am so excited! Luce x


  4. monty is amazing ,my dog ,saphira has got me through so many low days bless,they seem to know when you hurt and are there for you ,give monty a cuddle from me for looking after his mom bless him ,glad you feeling better ,its hard when ya cant move keep hanging in there xxx


  5. Omg my dog drools the same way…..and that look in the bath tub, my dog gives me that saaaame poor pitiful me look. To cuuute!


  6. Ohhhhh!!!!! Beautiful! Your love for Monty is so clear! We had a St Bernard once, Charlie, and he was so cute and so affectionate and slobbered so much I had to change clothes three times a day, every day.


  7. Love Monty, he is a handsome lad! I just lost my yellow lab Mollie a few ago, and my golden retriever Maddie in April. Retrievers are the BEST! Looks like Monty has a great life and a great momma! Also, congrats on the freshly pressed! Love finding new bloggers I like that way!


  8. Oh my he is super cute. I have a black lab and walker mix. He is my heart. His name is Moe Ron (my boyfriend named him) he is technically his dog but Moe loves me more lol. It looks like you two have a lot of fun. Stay strong girl and good luck.


  9. Aww, love the “making friends” pic. What a cute dog! Congrats on your blog, keep it up. I think we could all use a little humor…


  10. I love Monty <3
    I have a black lab named Beverly (after beer because a beer is a beverly/beverage). I also have Fibromy-Awesome. Thanks for blogging it.


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