10 Signs He’s Not Into You Anymore.

1. When you look like shit he says “Hey! You look like shit!”

2. When you asked him to compare you to a celebrity, he said “Nancy Pelosi.”

What? She's really smart.

3. He tells everyone “I’m in a relationshit.”

4. When you asked him if he loves you, he farted, and insisted that was a response.

5. You gave him the silent treatment for 6 days. He didn’t notice.

6. Whenever you tell a joke, he makes this face:

Go On.

7. He says you look like your mother. He calls your mother a whore.

8. He gave you gonorrhea. You didn’t say thanks, but he said ‘You’re Welcome.’

9. He assigned you a Nickelback song for your ring tone.

10. Given the choice between a date with you and getting a colonoscopy, he chose the colonoscopy.

DISCLAIMER! *not about Gabe :)

12 thoughts on “10 Signs He’s Not Into You Anymore.

  1. …never been compared to Nancy Pelosi by a significant other, but Ann Coulter has come up more than once :\ ha is that the Republican counterpart grounds for “ditch him”?


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