You’re Doing It Right.

At one time, each and every human being on the planet was a tiny baby in a mothers arms. In front of him lay a pristine and untouched future, where anything was possible. One thing will shape the direction and vibrancy of that future more than any of other thing; love. From whom he learns it, from whom he does not, how he is taught it, and that he experiences it in its most authentic and pure form- unconditionally. Money is no matter, health is no matter, religion, beauty or brains. Without the message that love sends- the gentle reminder that who you are matters- all of these things are fine but rendered useless if they are anything but anecdotes to a love-filled life.  There are many ways to measure a life, and many definitions to the word success. You don’t have to go far to find the richest people, the famous people, or the ones deemed very important. And they will often gladly share their secrets to what we call success. But behind numbers and cameras and curtains is a very basic human need- not desire- that we all share no matter what characteristics separate us. We have to have love to evolve. And we have to give it to surrender. And we have to lose it, at least once, to really know who we are. And when we find and learn to love ourselves wholly, then might we love others the best possible way. If we haven’t used it to fill holes, if we haven’t given it to get control, then what we’ve done with love, we’ve probably done it right. 

Dude, I love elephants.
Who Doesn’t Love a Tea Party?
The young lovers of Moonrise Kingdom. Have you seen it yet? It’s good.
Bears Love Each Other TOO.
Walrus loves birthday cake.
Monty and Mikey may or may not love when I dress them in towels.

Health, Happiness, Love the Right Way.

5 thoughts on “You’re Doing It Right.

  1. Awesome post, I’m new to your blog, its really great, only read 4 or 5 post but I’m looking forward to reading more. also I like you little fish thing you have on the side, I found the guy that made it and I want to put the hamster one on my blog, how do I insert it into the blog? in the widgets or…? thanks :)


  2. Hey Mary – I’ve been reading your blog for more than a year now. I just found it in WordPress home page one day, and kept coming back! hehe. I guess I liked the colorful pills in the header (which you withdrew, but that’s ok, I like the new layout). Just keep up the good work you’ve been doing there. You “sound” better in your posts now! P.S. I’m in Brazil, so sorry for my English.


  3. Yip, I cannot agree more! God created humans with a hole inside that needs to be filled with His love. Only then are we truly able to love to the fullest!!
    Blessings from a fellow Fibrofroggie.


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