It’s Fall! I guess.

Today is the first day of Fall. But don’t tell New Orleans that because it still feels like summer here and it probably will for a while. Ew. I guess it’s a little cooler than normal. A little.

How is my health you ask? It’s OK. Thank you for asking. I stopped taking my anti-biotics for lyme disease 2 weeks ago. I was on two of them for six months. The doc says to pay close attention to how I feel, if I begin to decline we need to do a second round of them. Hopefully that won’t happen though, because they’re a pain to take and really wreck your stomach. For the most part I’ve been doing better. Like I can walk and stuff. JK. I like that joke because there was a period in my life (January/February) where walking was actually very difficult. Now I can do it with ease, so that IS an improvement.

I was having a good week until Thursday, my pain got really bad for some reason and I was extremely fatigued. Tried to figure out what I did differently but of course couldn’t really come up with anything. Just made it to my anatomy and psychology classes then spent the rest of the day lying down. Friday wasn’t any better, another migraine and more exhaustion, so I spent yesterday in bed most of the day too. But today I am migraine free. I’m still very stiff and had plenty of nightmares last night as usual, (Like a woman who was going to kill a litter of kittens!) but my neck pain has calmed down. I think the fish oil really helps with that.

The best part of Fall is that you get to spend ample time sitting and watching football on the weekends and I’m really good at that. LSU has a big game today, so I’m looking forward to it. And sitting. I wonder if my community college has a football game today. We’re the Dolphins.

Besides that I’m not doing anything but writing and watching Monty chase flies. Wait, I AM getting a haircut. I love haircuts. I get only 2 a year so I’m excited, as long as she doesn’t SCREW IT UP. Bye bye long hair. OK, off to watch football and put my feet up. They hurt. Duh.

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