Oh Em Gee.

I keep having the most STRESSFUL dreams ever. And it doesn’t help to have a migraine permeating them. Last night was one that I have pretty often. It’s finals week, but in some variation of high school/middle school/church camp. A teacher that taught me in middle school named Mr. Goldsworthy, (whoa, I am just realizing what an awesome last name that is!) is the one who’s final I am unprepared for. He was a really good teacher, but tough. So I am scrambling in the dream because it is made apparent to me that I have not attended one class all semester and there is no possible way I am going to do well on this math exam. It’s crazy stressful. In last night’s dream I was desperate for a calculator but all I could find were those crappy 5 dollar ones you get at Walgreens but what I really wanted was the scientific kind because those things basically do the math for you, y’know? Anyway of course I woke sweating from my eccrine  sudoriferous glands (NURSING SCHOOL WHAT WHAT) with a KILLER migraine. It was a really stressful way to wake up. I did not pack last night. I need to pack. Peace in the middle east.

3 thoughts on “Oh Em Gee.

  1. Ahh, I’ve had the anxiety dream where I’ve only attended like 2 classes and have to take a final and I don’t know how I’m ever going to pass it and I’m scared I’m going to fail but it’s too late to withdraw from the class. That being said, I’ve been done with school for almost 2 years which sometimes makes this dream feel even more stressful. I won’t even get into the dreams about high school…


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