Bloody Mary (Get it? Cause I’m getting my blood drawn and my name get it)

Pins and Needles

Don’t I look excited? I loooove getting my blood drawn! OK so Miami was awesome and we stayed at this beautiful place with a beautiful view and good food. Kindof hard to beat. If I was one of those facebookers that took pictures of my feet and food I would have ALL KINDS of photos to share but I’m not, so I don’t. It always amazes me that people take pictures of their feet, and then post them on facebook for the world to see. It’s like, feet are ugly. Chances are, you have feet. And chances are they’re ugly. There’s a possibility they’re less ugly than the average foot, but that’s the key, they’re not cute, they’re only less ugly. There  was a girl in my high school, I can’t recall her name at the moment, but she had pretty remarkable feet. I always used to stare at them. I’d gaze all longingly at them and then slump my head down and look at my own stupid toes and get really envious. Anyway, I’m lucky my doctor lives in a beautiful place like Miami and not say, oh I dunno, Detroit or like Grand Junction, Colorado. (JK, I’m from Grand Junction. AKA The Junk Yard/ The Junk. Good people, boring town.)

Anywho, the trip was really great for the most part. Execpt for waking up with a migraine every morning, I felt pretty well. I don’t know why my migraine cycle started back up again. Sometimes it happens when I travel, but when I went to Destin a few weeks ago I had not-a-one, so I don’t know what that’s about. Maxalt saved my life as usual. My mom asked me “Can you imagine your life without maxalt?” and the truth was  I had never thought about it. When my mom became ill in the 80’s there was no such thing as maxalt. She’d spend days in bed until it finally subsided or she’d end up in e.r. I am really lucky that for all 2000 of my issues at least modern science allows me to treat most of them. I am very fortunate in that regard and I probably don’t say it enough.

There was another discovery at the doctors office. I have gained nearly FIFTEEN POUNDS since January. It’s really crazy. I did need it though. People were looking at me with Church eyes when I weighed 98 pounds, and I must say I felt less womanly at that size. Now I feel a little more substantial, and that if a cat or small mammal attacks me at least I can defend myself. I’ve never been a fan of the size 0 stick figures that everyone seems to be obsessed with. Plus I live in the South. We like junk in our trunk.

The blood work results will be back in a couple of weeks so until then the doc said to keep up what I’m doing. Speaking of which, I have an anatomy test on Wednesday which covers every bone in the body and I am insanely unprepared. My favorite bones you ask? The clavicles. They’re just fun to say. I’ll leave you with a picture of my view. As my favorite musical artist Lil’ Wayne says “Life is a Beach I’m just playin in the Sand.” PEACE YALL.

Who picked out THIS dump?

2 thoughts on “Bloody Mary (Get it? Cause I’m getting my blood drawn and my name get it)

  1. Ha! The photo of you getting your blood drawn (in search of a vein before all six techs are crowded around you all asking each other, “did you try there? Did you try there? Is Bob hear today?”
    Oh how I feel somewhat of what you feel. The nervous chit chat both I and the lab tech get into is painfully obvious both of us know the truth, it ain’t coming….so go get the doctor. They love it when you do that. I love your blog by the way! I don’t proof because I’m just too impulsive with my thoughts or my ADD has shown me I best hit send adapt or, hey there’s my Bobby Pin!


  2. Just discovered your blog (that whole FB viral thing) and I’m loving it. I suffer from migraines as well and Maxalt is my one and only God. Maybe they should offer us endorsement deals? Anyways, I’m so sorry to hear about your health and will keep you in my thoughts.

    — FellowCOgirl/migrainesufferer/feetpicturetaker


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