Pay Phones

I still feel shitty today blah blah blah. My legs are all cramped up blah blah blah. The good news is it’s Saturday and all you have to do on Saturday in the Fall is watch College Football and as previously stated, I’m awesome at doing that. LSU vs. Florida, 2:00, woo woo. It really helps that the weather is so sexy right now. It’s like if you’re going to have a migraine, it might as well be in sunny 70 degree weather.

Yesterday my friend Jared and I went for a walk around mid city New Orleans and it was nice. (Again, weather.) And Monty was eager to play. My legs hurt and my headache was in and out but after two large large cups of iced coffee the headache went away and I got a little energy. By this point it was 2:30. I was finally awake. I don’t think I am meant to exist before early afternoon. I’m just not a great person in the mornings. I feel I do better in late afternoons and best at night. I like when the time changes and it gets dark early. It’s like my nighttime greatness doubles!

Can Phone.

Anyway on our walk we passed this payphone. I love seeing payphones these days because they’re like this ancientartifact that really aren’t from that long ago but anytime I pass one it never works or the phone has been ripped out. But if you’re really lucky you’ll get a dial tone. It’s like a technological four-leaf clover! So we pass the same one I always pass on the walk to the coffee shop and notice some mardi gras beads on the top. (You’re never ever far in Nola from some carelessly thrown beads.) And a diet coke can was where the phone part used to be. So my inventive friend attached the diet coke can to the mardi gras beads and made a can phone! 25 cents not neccesary! I just know some drunk person is going to come across it one night and totally have a conversation on that can phone and something about that makes me happy.

Then we took Monty to Bayou St. John where he swam after sticks and hopefully didn’t pick up anything poisonous in that very very very very dirty water. He was just having so much fun though, it might be worth the Bayou Flu. I bathed him when we got home at least so my bed wouldn’t smell like the bayou. Yes, he sleeps in the bed with me. Lay off. He’s a good spooner!

So a friend shared this article with me which sums up pretty well what a chronic illness can be like. She nails it on the head about time management. Everything becomes so calculated when you’re sick. It can be shitty, but if you start to look at it as the new way in which to live your life and not an obstacle to see as getting in your way, it makes it a little easier. Anyway her Spoon Theory makes perfect sense and it’s good to know I’m not the only dealing with fibo-myalgia-lyme-chronic-shit whatever. The world is full of sickleys! Health and happiness and can phones.

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