Sweet Dreams

I don’t know what the eff is going on lately but I have this newfound anxiety which is pretty unpleasant. I’ve never had anxiety before so I’m still getting used to this new feeling. If I can sum the feeling up in symbols it’s like this: !!!!!!!!!???!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!…..!!!!!!!!  …?….!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It’s kind of exciting this “anxiety”. Since I’ve never had it before it’s something new I can scratch off the list. Score! It’s like restlessness meets unease meets subtle guilt and fear you’ve done something wrong. It’s been about three weeks of this and still going strong.

The other fun part of it is my high anxiety dreams. I’ve always had stressful dreams that end up with me all sweaty and yelling something like “Doooon’t Killll Montyyy!!” My mom, who was a student of Jungian psychology told me to start writing my dreams down, and then I would get to the root of the issue. I guess half of the issue is not knowing what the actual issue is. I bet I sound like such a typical girl right now. So my mom told me to write the dreams and she’d help me analyze them. And I’m all “But I hate rehashing my dreams! They’re terrible!” And she’s all “You’ll never solve it that way Mary! Don’t be a quitter!” So anyway, I started writing them down.  And no, this is not totally unsubstantiated psycho babel. Think about it. Your conscious mind can’t possibly access and work through all of your current life situations, (it’s too busy texting and driving and facebooking) so when you sleep you access the greatest window to the unconscious. Jung said the mind worked in symbols, and so analyzing dreams is just a matter of breaking those symbols down. Mom if I’m getting this all wrong please correct it. You’re the smart one.

Anyway this is last nights dream:

I tell my mom that I want to go to Colorado for Thanksgiving but she telsl me we’re going to stay here and spend it with Jess (one of my best friends) and her family. I am kind of sad about this because I’d rather spend it with my Colorado family but I agree…the next thing I know me and Jess are floating on tubes down a river, a muddy Southern Louisiana river (the ones you go tubing on near our house) We’re tubing down the river and Monty is swimming at our side. Pretty soon we are going surprisingly fast down the river and just letting the current take us. Somehow I end up stuck in some sticks and rocks and I am trying to get loose. Jess also got stuck but she got out first. When I finally get out of the sticks I see a note from Jess saying she went on but she is really excited for thanksgiving and she’ll see me soon. I think that’s fine until I realize I don’t know which direction to go. The river doesn’t seem to go obviously in one direction or another. The next thing I realize Monty is missing. (this is a common theme in many of my dreams) I start to panic a bit because night is falling and monty is missing and I don’t know which direction to go. (see why I have anxiety!?!?)  As I am floating down the river I’m calling out for Monty..I start to float into a herd of HUGE GEESE but nothing happens. (as in they don’t kill me like I thought they might) Finally I see a sheriff standing on a bridge and I’m calling out to him loudly to save me. There is traffic and for a while he doesn’t hear me but finally he does. He anchors me up from the water and I tell him I have a dog that we have to find but the whole thing feels grim and it’s pretty certain we’re not going to find Monty.

So much fun right? Actually the unexplainably large swarm of geese was fun. So here’s what my mom responded with:

“Awesome dream…lots to see but I’m crazy busy right now getting ready for company so we’ll have to process it later.  In the meantime write down who Jess represents to you and what Monty represents to you and we’ll go from there  love you, mom”

I understand, company can be a headache. That’s all for now. Health Happiness and Sweet Dreams.

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