A List of Mildly Pleasing Things.

The sound a rotary phone makes
When you hang up the receiver.


The smell of tires
And how you know before you walk in
the door of the auto shop
that the computer will be old,
and the colors will be red and black.

The sound of ice in a glass
And a something liquid gold
pouring slowly in.

When Monty’s Tail Wags While He’s Sleeping.

Riding in a cab
In New York City,
going anywhere.
The urban slideshow
through a square cracked window
slows down the fast city.
and the driver mumbling
in a quiet language an American girl
who’s pretty
will never need to know.

The way Gwyneth Paltrow smokes cigarettes in The Talented Mr. Ripley.


The second of stillness
When you drive under a bridge in the rain.

New showering products.

A woman tying a man’s tie.

The crinkling of a newspaper
When a man eats his breakfast
With one leg crossed over the other.

Being a woman
Wearing a dress
Smelling romantic
and the clicking of heels
on the old wooden floor
toward whoever spent the time waiting.

A fresh piece of chalk
on school chalkboards.
And the slowness and fragility
of that 90 year old librarian
Who stamps the due date in my book
with her veiny tissue hands.


That feeling you get
When you kiss someone new.
Like everything is different
Though everything’s the same.

Health, Happiness, and Tiny Little Pleasures.

12 thoughts on “A List of Mildly Pleasing Things.

  1. It just so reminds me of so many beautiful tiny little moments of pleasure…ur post immediatley connected with my inner being…i just slipped of some time just going into a trance thinking of so many such little little things which v never wish to go away from our lives… :)


  2. I definitely share your adoration for many of the above, but especially those stamped due-date cards and rotary phones. There’s nothing like the solid heft of those receivers…secretly knowing you can also use it in self-defense.
    Great post!


  3. I love this! I always wish I could be good at poetry, but I’m not. So I just appreciate others’ talent with it instead! Especially love the “toward whoever spent the time waiting” line. Seriously good imagery throughout–I pictured everything immediately.


  4. I do hope Monty is a dog, and not a friend. Wonderful imagery…there’s a poet inhabiting your head. I wish I could record the sounds when taking a cab in San Jose…definitely a tiny pleasure – though chaotic. Thanks for this. Going to check out some of your other posts.


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