The Great Indoors

I’ve spent most of this last week in bed, or in and out of sleep on respective furniture that I turn into a bed. But mostly in bed. During crash periods I have a lot of time to sit around and think and do nothing. And while “doing nothing” sounds a little worthless and at least a little depressing, I’ve gotten pretty good at feeling bad. That is, I’ve found ways not to succumb to complete boredom while spending my days and nights in the supine position. But I have to be decisive and proactive when it comes to mental stimulation. It’s easy to do nothing and think nothing and waste away hours watching cats on the internet. I’ve done a lot of that too.


Currently I’m reading “Further Away”– a book of essays by author Jonathan Franzen. It was given to me by my brother Nick, who wrote on the note inside to add it to our virtual book club. Nick and I don’t live in the same city and considering how poorly I keep in social contact even with people I care most about, we don’t talk so often. But we have similar taste in things and it’s true that I trust any literature from him will be enjoyable. Like the others this one doesn’t disappoint. I gave him the book “Why Does the Universe Exist?” and said it might be a good starter for the club. Nick is a full-time professor of architecture with multiple side projects and is a husband and father. I’ll be impressed if he has the time to finish it. I have nothing but time but in retrospect, I can think of at least three books in the last year I’ve simply left unfinished with less than 100 pages left. For whatever reason– It might be a commitment problem on my end. Because oddly enough I enjoyed the books I left undone. (Except 50 Shades of Grey. I just couldn’t do that one, even from a humorous standpoint. It was just so bad.) At any rate, I like that we’re trying. I know I need to read more and it is truly one thing, a gift even, that I can do whether or not I’m sick. I could read for hours and feel somehow refreshed at the end. TV and the internet are bottomless. I could be dead tired but watch more, click more, disengage more. It’s far too easy to fall in and at the end I never feel great. I’m like where am I? What time is it? How long have I been watching Tosh.0? I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the Kardashians and rolled my eyes thinking to myself that it’s the stupidest show on TV. And yet when it shows up on the guide, I almost unconsciously go straight to the channel. It’s like mindless auto-pilot in the way of my brain. I think it’s their hair that keeps me coming back. It’s just so pretty.

Speaking of the Kardashians, did you see the photo of baby North West? I think she’s cute. Wait, why do I know what their baby looks like? Because if you watched TV or were on the internet yesterday, it was everywhere. As well as mass hysteria about Ben Affleck becoming Batman. Maybe that says something about the places where I get information. But it also says something about the things that gain momentum and attention and a dialogue. Meanwhile, my state is sinking. I don’t totally understand the nature of a sinkhole. Except that I’m pretty sure it’s unnatural.  And it’s a problem when entire trees are being swallowed whole. Something about salt domes? But why take the more effort-requiring time to find out when I could just look at a tumblr that makes fun of what Kanye’s baby looks like? It’s so easy to just lay back and look at what’s easy to look at and make fun of what’s easy to make fun of. But it’s not very wise for someone like me to do too much of that. I constantly have to remind myself to be careful with how I spend my time. I truly have a lot of it.

Anyway, maybe by the next post I’ll be much more knowledgeable about sinkholes. Or I’ll have a lot more photos of baby Nori. Anyway, I’ll continue my quest to be at least a half-way informed citizen and spend my horizontal time wisely. I love being outside but on weeks like this one, I’ve mostly been inside which can be wearing too. But don’t get me wrong, I’ll still watch internet cat videos because come on, that stuff is funny. And laughter is important. And if we spent all our days indulging in bad news we could succumb to despondency and boredom just as much as if we watched TV and internet videos nonstop. It’s all a balance and I’m always in search of the middle. So far, 29 has been just fine.

Health, Happiness, and Wouldn’t You Think Sinkhole Would Be Two Words? Me too.

8 thoughts on “The Great Indoors

  1. Dear Mary,

    I love your honesty. I sort of also want to be your best friend. But not in a creepy single-white-female sort of a way. Nor the kind of friends who braid each other’s hair, because that is also creepy. More like the kind of friends who bitch about sinkholes and celebribabies together.

    Plus, I also hate Walgreens.



  2. Have you considered reading abridged books? I accidentally bought a bunch of abridged classics for children (they were a dollar, so ironically I didn’t read the cover too carefully) and I finished Peter Pan in an hour. Same language and imagery, plus I actually got around to reading it.


  3. I get so tired of being told by the media what should be important to me. Let me decide – how about you just report the facts??? If I see one more ‘must-see’ story about kittens on the news…….


  4. Mary,
    I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and finally decided to write to say thank you. Your open, candid expressions of what you’re feeling and thinking are not only informative, but in just about every post, I laugh. Laughter is my best medicine, and when I get an email that you posted something new, I open it as soon as I can.
    I love that you love your dog Monty so much… I have two boxers that are a big part of our small family (I’m a single mom). I love that you watch Tosh.o, too few watch it and appreciate how amazing Daniel Tosh is.
    I blog (will start writing more soon) – about living with Multiple Sclerosis. – check it out if you feel like it.
    I just wanted you to know that your blog is my favorite. Thank you for continuing to make me laugh, and don’t stop writing, it’s a huge gift you’ve got!


  5. I SO empathize with you. I have spent a long time in bed and refusing to just lay there, I read, and blog. At least I am older so I don’t have the challenges of a young person like you. Still, hurting and fatigue are hard to live with no matter how old you are. Keep enjoying the books and keep posting! Gentle hugs!


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