Fall Yall.

They say the only thing constant is change itself. And when seasons change, particularly Summer into Fall, I always seem to feel a change on the inside as I watch the atmosphere play out it’s own changes. As if my circadian rhythms, my organs, my soul knows that things are going to change. I’ve always liked the feeling. The transition from Summer into Fall and Fall into Winter has always been the happiest time for me. That first gust of cold air. Pulling out old sweaters and cardigans. Cuddling in close to whoever you’re with. (I’m talking to you mom!) And there’s that slight reminder that the Holiday’s aren’t so far away and if you’re like me and ridiculously elated by Christmas, then it’s a good feeling to pick up on. I’d say if I could choose a season to fall in love, as if you could ever choose these things, I’d pick Fall. It also seems most likely to happen then in my eyes. A girl can dream. I say that a lot.

New Orleans weather is really weird. And by weird I mostly mean crappy. Our summers are long. Just too long really. And unrelentingly hot and humid. It takes your breath sometimes. Every time I fly into Louis Armstrong and exit baggage claim, my lungs get coated with a Southern sheet of bayou film and I have to remind myself how to breathe. It’s all part of the fun of calling Nola home. And I mean that. Our Fall is very short, much like the Spring. And Winter is fickle. A cold day comes. Everyone dresses as if the blizzard of the century is approaching and the cold due to the moisture in our air is penetrating and bitter. And then two days later it’s 70’s degrees and uncomfortably wet. If I could present our seasons through words arrangements it’s like this:


S   U   M   M   E   R R R R Fall W I N TER Spring S U M M E RRRRR


So maybe the climate isn’t our major selling point, but I also don’t hate it. Cold days are such a novelty here, and the excitement brought on by temperatures allowing boots and a chunky sweater is contagious. Nothing gets a Southern girl excited like Sweater Weather. Just say those two words to one and watch the magic unfold. It’s true we don’t have four equal and distinct seasons; we have summer with a side of spring or winter sometimes. But we still get a taste of everything it could be much worse. We also get extreme thunderstorms, and I truly love rain. And not just the grey drizzly days. I’m talking intense thunder and lights flickering and those storm clouds that somehow turn up in shades in green. I love those days. Monty prefers to spend thunderstorm time in the bathtub, and I say whatever floats your boat homie.

Anyway I’ve been cleaning the leaves out of the pool with a net as Monty swims despite the water temperature having dropped majorly. To me, this is the quintessential image of Fall at home. Brown leaves floating in an empty pool. It’s perfect. I drag the net through the water and I get these bursts–an urge, an inspiration–I’m not sure exactly what it is. But I think maybe if I were a tree, I’d feel like shedding my leaves. And then suddenly, for one brief clear moment, nature makes sense. I continue to sweep the pool for miscellaneous debris including a Gatorade water bottle that monty dropped in and has sunk to the bottom. Since I don’t have leaves to shed, I went with the next best thing. My hair.

Pardon my selfie skillz.
Pardon my selfie skillz.

I chopped it. And got blonde added to it too. Mostly because, I felt that thing, that very internal tinge of electricity. The thing I think trees might feel. And I had to do something with it. I didn’t even care so much about the outcome once I made my decision. I just had to go for it. And leaves grow back in the spring–my hair grows fast. I’m 29 and I’ve never colored it. I’ve had long hair for so long that it was starting to look sad to me–sick even. It was reminding me of being sick. Suddenly I wanted the weight gone. Something lighter. Something new. As the hairdresser snipped my first 6 inches off, I remember my ex-boyfriend telling me he didn’t like my hair short. I shut my eyes and listen to it all come off. It felt good. It felt great. It rejuvenated me somehow. No more sick hair. Sick thoughts. Time to be happy and try new things. Time to act on positive impulses. Time to finish things I started and stick to things that I know are important. The leaves have fallen and my hair has lightened. (See what I did there?) I feel good about things. Good things are in the works. I encourage yall to make a change too. Do it for me. Do it for you. For Fall. Why not?

Report back. And rock on.


Health, Happiness, Fall.

10 thoughts on “Fall Yall.

  1. Too funny….I’m getting my hair colored on Tuesday! And from a fellow Sickly Southern girl, I know and feel the same exact way about Sweater Weather. I just love boots, a hot apple cider, and crisp fall air. Hoping this fall brings changes for both of us.

    PS: My Boostie doesn’t go in the bathtub during thunderstorms, but she does love looking out the window at the rain. I think Monty and Boostie probably keep us both sane.


  2. Both wife and daughter are badly afflicted with fibro, and take a variety of pills. Wife takes pills 4 time a day. 30 is a Good day. Daughter qualifies for bi-monthly pain-med infusions. I feel for you. Nice blog. It probably helps take your mind off the aches and exhaustion. :)


  3. Fall is my favorite. To me, it’s like the general cleaning of everything – and the start of a whole new year. I figure if I have made it through the Summer then there is absolutely nothing I can’t do.


  4. I love it! Your hair looks awesome and very healthy. I’m making a change….moving the family to a different house soon. Once we are settled, I’m taking my fibro and going to bed for a month!!


  5. I just chopped off all my hair too! Doesn’t it make you feel so much better, like anything is possible? I have always been the girl who has to get a new haircut after every heartbreak, somehow it always helps me move on. My husband and I just lost a baby at five months pregnant and once again I returned to my habit of cutting my hair to cure a heartbreak. Of course, it doesn’t fix everything but it sure helps and seeing as I feel like a different woman than pre-miscarriage I think it is fitting.


  6. Reblogged this on Anything but ordinary and commented:
    It’s funny how you can read something and not only do you understand everything the writer is saying, but you laugh with her, cry with her and smile with her too. Your words are beautiful. You have a distinct flair for writing. I live in India, and the season is changing too, as are my thoughts, feelings, moods and of course, my hair. I had waist long hair until a few days ago and I got it chopped off. And I’m pretty sure it was for the exact same reasons:

    I just wanted to let go of the past, a destructive relationship, friends disappointing me time and time again, my family’s rules, a conformist society, an unfair world, a sexist and intolerant world, political, economic, and social instability. So I’ve basically described everything that is wrong in the world today. Most people would laugh at me. Call me crazy. But when I see people who are suppressed, for whatever reason, it really gets me down. What makes me happy is writing. And music. If it weren’t for Ed Sheeran, I wouldn’t have gotten through this past year. So thanks Ed, you have touched my heart, and helped me get through the pain of the past 6 years. I guess what I’m saying is that music keeps me sane. It keeps me going. So I’m going to channel all my negative thoughts and creative energy into writing. I don’t want to sing for money, fame or success. I just want to write. And keep on writing. Until I feel better. If I ever do feel better. Because right now, it really feels like I’m never going to….never going to get out of this ‘rut’, be happy again, feel something. I’m sick and tired of people saying that things are going better. Or that they understand. Because they don’t. They haven’t been through what I’ve been through. And hence they just don’t get it. So please. This is for my family. I know you are trying to be there for me. And i appreciate it. I really do. But right now I just need to be alone. Ride this one out on my own. If things get better then yeah I’ll come out of my room. But at the moment I’d like to lie in bed, watch YouTube and eat chocolate. And cry until my eyes are numb. I know crying is supposed to be a sign of weakness. Dad you always told me that. But I disagree. I think that we should not be afraid to cry if something really upsets us. It’s a sign of strength. And so what if people label you a crybaby? or emo? Who the fuck cares? Be true to yourself and your beliefs. There is nothing better than just letting go. Writing helps me do this. So I guess you are going to be reading a whole lot more. Seeing a lot more of me. I’m not doing this for recognition. I’m doing it for myself. So, let go. It’s amazing how good it feels. And how fresh. Right now I’m going to get out of bed and open the curtains. And get some water and some real food. It’s a new day peeps. Get a move on it. You might feel depressed tomorrow. You might never truly be able to express what you’re feeling. So enjoy the moment. Kick back and relax. Look outside the window and get lost in the pink hues of the sunset and the cool breeze blowing through. It’s a reminder that the day is not over yet. And neither is your life.


  7. Girl, you totally rock! First your post about Paris was just what I needed to hear at the time, now this post. I’m not sure what my change is yet, but it’s a comin. Thanks for the inspiration and I love your hair! Gawjus! Just Gawjus! Hugs!


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