Day 3




OK, there’s a lot of crap in this piece that needs to be re-written or scrapped. Taking on a writing project in the midst of a heavy crash may have been a bad idea in terms of writings to share because than crap like this emerges and I told myself I’d stick to the rules. Even reading it now I can see how convoluted my mind way, how easy it was to stray off topic. I’ve begun to improve since Sunday, particularly cognitively, and the writing really does emulate what’s going on during fog. I had to cross some out because it just meandered and was so clunky and unclean, it was very far from conveying my ideas properly at all. Anyway, as uncomfortable as I feel posting writing I don’t like and probably 2/3 of which I would change, or burn, this was partially the point of the project. So just trust and let go. Besides, there’s like 11 people reading this. I think we’ll all be OK.

Anyway, hopefully I’ve written a little better for day 4, or perhaps I’ll have more crap to share! Either way, it might be enjoyable. Just let go Mary. OK, I’m going. So go then. I’m gone. So go! I’m going! Just. Press. Publish. You Nitwit. Alright, see you tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. I’m still enjoying this formatting, and having a big block of scribbled out words is visually interesting and effective. It’s not just gone like it would be from a word document. It’s still present, still saying something.

    This is the hardest bit of chronic illness. What do we do with ourselves. What’s the point now. Plans that we grew-up making no longer fit us, but we have to watch everyone else we know living them. I wish I had a nice, easy answer to it for you. I don’t. This isn’t an answer, but here’s what I did when I was *very* sick: I wrote a novel. I worked out my limits–I could write for 45 minutes on goodish days. 45 minutes only. If I went past this limit, I would trigger a migraine. But every goodish day I wrote for 45 minutes, and eventually I got the novel done. It was 73 000 words total.

    And then I re-read it and it was terrible. (Of course. It was my first effort and it was written through heavy brain fog.) But I am still so proud that I did it.


  2. Hey, no fair scratching out what seems pointless or wandering to you, Girlfriend! Isn’t that the entire point of this exercise … to “write your way out” of wherever your mind goes? Lord knows, our brains no longer work the way they used to. 😣 Embrace the Incoherent Crap!
    *Btw, have you read any of Julia Cameron’s books? Check out “The Artist’s Way,” or “The Right to Write.”
    Sending you BIG LOVE and encouragement … XoXo

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    1. Hah you’re right. I should have left it, but i didn’t even agree with what I had written! It wasn’t just poor writing, it was incongruent with what I think, so I scratched it. But you’re right, that IS the point and I should have left it. It won’t happen again! I’ll check out the recommendations, thank you! All the bestest, and thanks for reading and writing :)


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