You Can Make Your Own Cheese?

Good morning world! Guess who’s up at 7 am?! I haven’t been up this early and actually felt alive in a long time. I woke up in pain but I wasn’t weak like I’ve been and the best part was this; I woke up just in time for the sunrise. It’s funny that such a phenomenal event like that happens every, single, day, and how seldom we actually see it. Or stop to watch it. My immobility in the last few weeks has left me observing the worlds tiny gifts that I didn’t used to see before. Like yesterday I watched a spider web glisten in the sun and was like whoa, that’s beautiful dude! Because my life has become so contained, I’ve been seeing the small things surrounding me, and suddenly they seem just as big as the things I used to strive for- independence, health, conquering the world. Those kinds of things. It reminded me of something Mark Nepo said in an interview that I wrote in my notebook. He was talking about finding “the special” in everyday life and how important that is to happiness. “Become easily pleased. Find what’s special in everything. Everything glows. There are more distractions and distortions now than ever. The challenge is how do we balance–how do we hold at bay all the voices that are forever crowding in, and hear the voice of own soul.” The answer, he said, lies in stillness, reflection, and “spiritual aerobics.” I liked hearing that. And I find the special little things often outside when I’m on a walk with Monty. A fallen birds nest or a bright red door or marshmallow clouds, a little kid with a suitcase or an old man with grocery bags. Whatever it is, it’s easy to miss. But I notice that when I’m quiet I am surrounded by extraordinary things. You don’t have to travel across the world to see incredible things. It’s more about a change in perception than location. We have a tendency to think happiness is “just over there,” beyond the next hurdle, over the fence. I keep hearing that happiness is something already within you and I see now, it’s just about accessing it, activating it. It’s gettin deep in here yall!

This week marked the beginning of a new project: GOOD NEWS IN PLAID! Woo woo. This project started pretty unorganized and is still coming together. But I have to say, I feel better after I report good news. I like hearing other people’s good news. And I enjoy avoiding politics, terrorism, disease, and murder. Who knew? In the beginning I was like why am I doing this? I don’t even feel like moving! But then I was like, wait, I have nothing else to do. I might as well report good news. And it’s something I can do from bed, or the floor, or the couch. So I’ve been recording myself (and Monty) everyday reporting a few pieces of positive news from my own life and other people’s. Yesterday, 32 people left comments reporting their good news on Facebook, so I recorded myself reading everyone’s little bits of good news..without reading through them first. Then I showed it to my sister and realized it was a 10 minute long video and one of the more awkward things you’ve ever seen in your life. So she recommended I edit it down to like 5 bits of good news instead which is probably a better idea. I try to disregard the ridiculous parts of the video where I look and sound like a moron–like when I ask “You can make your own cheese??” (You’ll see) My sister laughed for a good ten minutes at me for that one. But it’s just about positive energy and good news, so I’m sticking with it. It’s also really hard to find the music you want on YouTube, so this video ends super cheesy and the music sounds like something that would come at the end of that movie Precious or on a Cadillac commercial. But anyway, Keep the good news coming…I love hearing it and reporting it, and I think everyone agrees that the world could always use more good news. Below is segment 2 and 4. You can see all the videos at I’ll continue to post 1 a day.

In other news, I started seeing two new doctors. One is a Chinese doctor who practices traditional Chinese medicine and is the most delightful man you’ve ever met in your life. Doctor Xu (pronounced Sue)It’s a whole different approach to health, but a lot of it makes sense to me. It seems to work with your body instead of just supplementing pills for symptomatic relief. And since this illness manifests itself in entire body system malfunctions, it feels like a good approach to take. After looking at my tongue and nails and asking a few questions he said “OK, I fix you. Two or three months. I fix you.” He makes his own chinese herbs and creates a tea out of them based on getting your body back in balance and “lighting your internal flame.” Haha. Whatever that means, I’m up for it. He also helped my sister out a lot when she was experiencing chronic migraines and often sick after college. So now he gets to try to heal her sister. His Chinese herb teas taste like what I imagine a bird’s nest ground up in a blender with some carrots thrown in would taste like. But if it means getting better, I’ll try anything. He also does acupuncture which I really like and cupping which feels awesome. But it leaves you looking like you’ve been attacked by a circle monster. See?

I know, it looks gross. 

The other doctor I am seeing is a Russian woman who practices naturpathic medicine. She believes that I didn’t get rid of the lyme disease on the first go-round and so I am still fighting that with “co-infections” and that’s most likely why I feel like I’m dying. :) Anyway, she has a plan, and Dr. Xu has a plan, and I’m trying it all. Open to anything. Maybe with a combination of Western, Eastern, and Russian Naturpathic medicine, I will get to feeling like a human being again. As my mom says, “All the kings horses and all the kings men will put Humptey Dumptey back together again.” It all sounds good to me.

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10 thoughts on “You Can Make Your Own Cheese?

  1. So, I already commented on the Youtube link, but I have to comment again about just how awesome Monty is. Because prior to getting my own sweet Hallie, I never even knew that dogs burped. So when Monty burps immediately after starting the Good News in Plaid segment, I laughed for about a minute straight. My joy was only compounded by the fact that he strolled away and noisily began to drink, and I knew exactly what he was up to, because Hallie would do the same. The two of them even look similar. I am going to have to upload a video for you sometime. She does bring me happiness on a regular basis, and even helps abate pain for a moment or two. I don’t know how I’ll ever catch her in the act of burping though. That was epic. Thanks again, Mary, for making me laugh and smile, even when I don’t want to!

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  2. Here’s some good news: I got 100% on an exam (I’m in PhD classes), my boyfriend’s brother and dad are visiting this weekend, and I carved a pumpkin and made pumpkin seeds this weekend! They are SO delicious! Yay fall. =)
    <3 Jen in CO

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  3. LOVED bubbles for Monty….. I think I will try it out on my boy Cooper. My good news. Got outside for the first time in weeks, and got my flu shot. The fresh air was awesome, the flu shot, not so much! ;- ). Love your videos, keep up the good work.

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  4. That is so crazy Mary. I just spoke with an acupuncturist last night who has been doing it for 40 years. He’s a little old Chinese man named Yon, and he makes “medicine” in the form of tea also. He showed it to me last night, and it looked like….dark brownish sludge yet liquid thick soy and teriyaki sauce…or something to that effect. He told me to ask my masseuse (who works next door to him– he’s the reason I met Yon last night, as he thinks he can help me) about how it tastes. Verdict was incredibly gnarly, but it does help. Yon told me: “First month, come two times week. We see how you do. I say, 5, 6 month, you…no more pain”. I’m going to give it a whirl, even though it’s expensive as hell….you can’t put a price on lack of pain. I’ve never had acupuncture before, so I’m a little nervous. However, it can’t be any worse than I feel all the time already, right? Keep us posted on your Dr. Xu, and I’ll tell you about Mr. Yon, and we can compare gnarly Chinese medicine herbal tea. :) Glad to hear your spirits are on the up and up.

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    1. Cool! I didn’t find the acupuncture painful at all really. It’s pretty relaxing actually. I went to one two years ago who didn’t seem to know what he was doing and it was painful..but this guy is much better. It sounds like you have a very experienced one so you’re in good hands. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!


    2. Hey Hallie..was just wondering if you had any updates on your experience with Yon? I left California so I wasn’t able to keep Dr. Xu on board :( Was just curious how your experience was and what, if anything, it helped! Hope you’re rockin. Peace out!


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