White Girls on Facebook: Part 2.

1. Write the name of an alcoholic beverage and a question mark followed by “Don’t Mind If I Do!”

Ahhh much needed.
Ahhh much needed.

2. Talk about how INSANELY busy they are and the massive amount of things they have to do! So much so they spend the next two hours on Facebook talking about it!!

3. Use “LOL” questionably and in an overabundance. “I have cancer lol” “Me too lol”

4. Some version of this picture, allll up in your biz.

My legs enjoying the beach.
The bottom half of my body enjoying the beach.

4. Talk about preparation for tomorrows workout, take a picture of today’s workout, or reflect on the burn from yesterdays workout.

5. Delve into the recent cold they caught, list all the corresponding symptoms of said cold, then tag a photo of Dayquil and Hot Tea. Potential Caption: Yucky sniffles AND a sore throat! :(

6. Take a picture of herself scandalously dressed and tag it with this caption: “Hey you.”

And by you I mean me.
And by you I mean me.

7. “Today I am thankful for gratitude lists.”

8. Attempt a really inspiring, self-written life quote. “Never take advantage of anyone. Life is short but regret is forever. Always thank your lucky stars and never forget to dance. Even in hard times, the sun will shine through the night.”

9. Talk some major smack about football and/or their fantasy team. Then talk some major smack about The Bachelor.

10. Take a picture of basically anything and caption with: LOVE. <3 <3 <3


12. Girls Night Out!! Prepare for pictures, captions and a play-by-play before the night is halfway over.

11. Something borderline horribly offensive followed by “Just Sayin.”

13. Picture of the hubs taking a nap with the baby!


14. Vent a frustration beginning with WOW. “Wow, I was under the impression that a STOP SIGN MEANS STOP.”

15. Duckface. Forever and Ever and Always.

Yall come to the party I'm having by myself in the bathroom!
Yall come to the party I’m having by myself in the bathroom!

Health. Happiness. Facebook. GIRLS.  <3

38 thoughts on “White Girls on Facebook: Part 2.

  1. Hahaha Mary this is amazing lol so sad but true… Also what those “repost if you love your mom, ignore if you want her to die” (insert cheesy pic here). Ugh so annoying and stupid Hahahaha anyways thanks for the laugh :) hope all is well!! Ps AWESOME
    duck face gf hahaha


  2. Another…. Those reposts that say that most of us won’t reposts this, but a few of us (implying the compassionate/passionate/responsible/loving ones) will… “I think I know who you are”. Followed by how much they love their daughter/son/country/soldiers/ firefighters/rescuing animals, or about how much they hate cancer/rude people/the government/people who run stopsigns, etc…..


  3. 2 more for u – restarting a pic about a soldier, adopting a dog, or a sick kid. Bonus if its a pic if a soldier who adopts a dog for a sick kid. Other is posting a someecard that says something like “I’m a mom and i can prve that i can be sassy by getting drunk like a college student”


  4. White Girls on Facebook Part 2? Don’t mind if I do! Just sayin’… (picture me doing a duckface)

    Thanks for the early morning/I really haven’t gone to bed yet laughs. You brought it.


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